The TDS Eco Academy curriculum is separated into six units, each of which includes a short lesson and 1-2 project activities. These lessons can be taught together or separately, as the curriculum is designed for teachers to develop a program that works best for them and their students.

Lesson 1: What is Waste?
Objective: Students learn about what trash is and where it goes.
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Lesson 2: Reduce it
Objective: Students examine their own consumption and explore ways to reduce.
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Lesson 3: Reuse it
Objective: Students explore the benefits of reuse before recycling, where the life of items is extended.
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Lesson 4: Recycle it
Objective: Students learn how recycling conserves natural resources and how to recycle plastic and paper.
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Lesson 5: Compost
Objective: Students will learn about decomposition, the difference between backyard and large-scale composting and design their own backyard compost.
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Lesson 6: Recycle it
Objective: Students investigate the challenges with recycling in their community and design solutions.
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